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Optimize the Capability of your Website with the Best WordPress Plugins

Many website designers praise the abilities of the content management system, WordPress. It is now a platform that is used by over 50 million websites. But, why should you transition your template website on Squarespace or GoDaddy to a more robust CMS? If you are running a grossly outdated version of Joomla and Drupal, should you transition to a WordPress platform? There are many reasons to migrate to WordPress. Today, we are going to talk about the benefits of WordPress plugins.

Speed up your website load time

This is a topic that is often very confusing for anyone. “Slow” is a very broad term, so start by defining the actual issue. Some things you can control and some user experiences are out of your hands. If your website takes a long time to load, there are several reasons why your website might be slow.

Responsive Website Design

Define your online image with a professional website. Customized colors, fonts and designs give your potential clients a screen shot of your business. If a website visitor likes what is seen in that moment, he/she will explore the content, poke around the navigation, follow links, fill a shopping cart, read reviews, make a comment or contact you. 

There are many things to consider when it comes to your website. It is the face of your business after all. In a matter of seconds, poor graphics or a dated design can cost you clients.

Sometimes your website will only require a refresh, which might include:

  • Updating the content, so that it is fresh and SEO optimized
  • Updating bios and images of new employees and shareholders
  • Updating all your contact information, check forms and links
  • Check to see all social media links are working
  • Change some fonts or update some colors
  • Add some new features

What do you want your website to do? How do you want it done? How do you want it to look? Before we launch your new website, there are some key pieces of information that we request from you. When you are ready, we gather the best tools for the job and begin building your website.