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Know the Purpose

Why do you want a website? Who is your target audience? What is the goal once visitors reach your website? Do you want to drive sales, share information or establish credibility?

Often websites are lacking focus, making it difficult to understand what the site is even offering. A useful business website allows a company to reveal its profile by painting a favorable picture of the brand. That credibility can be solidified with the use of relevant examples and powerful testimonial. A solid foundation for any website is built on the identity of its brand. What does your digital profile say about your identity?

Pages and Features

Think about the pages on your website. How many do you envision and what are the topics? Do you want a photo gallery and how do you want that gallery to behave? Do you want to setup easy access to video calls or allow users to contribute comments?

When we start to consider how many pages the website requires, we go back to the purpose of the site. If you are just publishing a form or one page of information, maybe a landing page is all you need. Landing pages are most effectively used as a supplement to your website. We can design some landing pages that reflect your brand, but are geared to attract specific markets and entice them to click through to your website.

Security and Usability

How secure does the website need to be? Are you storing client data or using ecommerce? Do you require an inventory system or payment portal?

Think about the functions of the website and how users will be accessing it. Before building the website, consider functionality and be aware of any limitations on a mobile or responsive website.

Input and Feedback

We will be asking for your input at different stages. By providing timely, specific responses, the website build time moves quickly and the launch happens sooner. Vague statements are not that useful to a designer. If you have comment about the colors, fonts, speed, images, text or pages…try to send the bulk of website edit requests in one list, as one change may impact another decision.

Passwords and Access

Whether we help you set up accounts or you haven an existing one, we will need access to some of them.

Domain name – Whether it’s GoDaddy or, we need to direct your domain name to  your website.

Hosting Service – We can suggest an affordable and secure hosting service or work with the one you prefer. We need this login information to upload files and get the site online.

CMS – We will need to access the content management system used with your website, such as WordPress or Drupal.

Themes, software, plugins, services – Passwords may be required for existing platforms that are in use and passwords will be created for new purchases.

Emails and Social Media – Account information may be required for setup of certain services and connections.

The Budget

Costs are a significant factor when launching or rebuilding a website. Remember that your website represents you. It is better to wait until you can afford to build a respectable site, rather than tarnishing your brand with something unprofessional.

When getting quotes from designers, ask about fees for setup, revisions and maintenance of the website. Calculate the ongoing maintenance fees for a domain name, hosting service, content management software, payment portals and website themes. The designer’s fees might be inclusive of these fees, but regardless it is good to get a breakdown of each service and cost. 

After meeting with you, we will be able to provide you with a quote that includes all your expenses. We will also help get you directly set up with services, so you are charged directly from the vendor for monthly operating costs. After placing a 50 percent deposit on the web design, we move forward with building your website.

The Future

Is your website ready for the digital age? Do you plan to expand or merge this website in the future? Will fresh content be uploaded often, such as blogs and images? Will you need assistance with these uploads? We can recommend preferred affiliates and assist you in all your website needs. Don’t worry, we won’t disappear on you, but regardless, you own the files, domain name and control the hosting service. You always remain in control. 

Contact Graphic Palette if you need a revamp of your brand, reboot of your website or a completely new web face. We can setup, publish and manage your website. Call today for a free consultation.