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Responsive Website Design

Micro and small businesses that have experienced stunted growth can expand consumer outreach by building a strong digital presence. You may know that publishing fresh, relevant and useful content on your website helps establish authority with Google and consumers. However, it is just as important to Google and consumers that your website is technically clean, easy to navigate and loads quickly. 

Your website is the first impression of your online profile. Without this digital handshake, e-intros can be awkward and unprofessional. Until you can make a decision regarding your website needs, consider even a single webpage or placeholder parked at your domain address. But remember that if the website doesn’t look professional, neither does your business.

Always consider the viewpoint of the user when making decisions about your website. If the page is slow to load or the website looks outdated, people may not even stick around to look at the content. Consider testing different web browsers and devices when publishing a website. 

The majority of users now access websites from mobile devices. Is your website mobile optimized? Do all the features work and is the formatting intact on smart phones and tablets? Every business should have a website. The debate should be rather or not your business would benefit from an app. 

Your website should accurately represent your business as should your employees. Consumers see them both as an extension of the company. So, what are you putting into your website and what are you getting out of it? Is the site SEO optimized? Do you have automated scheduling or ecommerce? Is it secure and updated? How do the search engines see your website?

Hire your website

Your website should be your best employee. Can you save time and money by organizing and automating many aspects of business? Absolutely. You can also improve your productivity increase your audience reach and impress people with seamless technical procedures that keep everyone informed. 

Your website should cost very little as it literally generates money for you. Think of it as a 24/7 online store.  This employee takes very few vacations and is completely dedicated to the success of the business. 

Let’s review some reasons your business needs a website:

  • Control of content and brand
  • Establish authority
  • Located on maps
  • Increase online Sales
  • Provide information
  • Educate consumers
  • Build a digital presence
  • Extend marketing reach
  • SEO purposes 

Some business owners have an active Facebook page, others tell stories on Snapchat, but in the world of business and sales, the goal of digital marketing is to drive traffic to your website. Once guests are on the site, you have a chance to entertain and educate them. But, there is only a split second to capture a reader’s attention with a catchy headline or powerful image. In one click to your website, clients can get an overview and feel for your company. Does the online persona match your business model? Do you have powerful images and engaging materials? Is your contact information easily found on any page? 

Contact Graphic Palette if you need a revamp of your brand, reboot of your website or a completely new web face. We can setup, publish and manage your website. You remain in control of your files and domain access, but we are available to resolve technical issues and implement any needed changes. Call today for a free consultation.